Colorado Pika Project

General Volunteering Info

The Colorado Pika Project couldn’t exist without dedicated Pika Patrollers, so our goal is to make volunteering as easy as possible.
Check out the basic volunteer resources below, then (if you’re already trained as a Pika Patroller) visit the pages for each research project linked at the bottom of this page for more resources.

The waiver must be signed prior to volunteering. We will provide this opportunity at new volunteer trainings or you can submit a signed copy here.

Since its creation in 2010, the Colorado Pika Project has grown beyond Colorado’s Front Range into multiple research projects, each of which has their own set of volunteer resources.* Click on one of the research projects below to find the manual, site sign up sheet, site descriptions, and more for that project! To access these resources you need a password, which you should have received over email. If you look in your email and can’t find the password for a project that you’re trained in, please contact us at

*There are a handful of Front Range sites that are within Rocky Mountain National Park or White River National Forest, however these sites follow the Traditional Protocol, not the Public Land Protocol . If you have been trained to volunteer in the Front Range, please do not sign up for sites on the RMNP or WRNF pages!


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(L to R): Sarah Colbert, Erica Prather,  Lauren Buchholz (twice)