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Need a hand using Pika Patrol? Check out the tutorials and FAQs below.  If you still have questions, email us at staff@pikapartners.org.  


Learn more about how to use the Pika Patrol app by watching the video below

Use the arrows to the right and left to see more helpful videos!

Learn how to identify pikas by sight, calls, haypiles, and scat.

Use the arrows to the right and left to see more tutorials!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

I’ve forgotten my password! How to I reset or retrieve it?

I can’t see the photos on shared observations. – They look like white boxes! What’s up?

I’d like more detailed help with identifying pikas and or distinguishing them from other species I might see. Where can I find help with this?

I created an observation when out of cell service and it was saved locally. Do I need to do anything else to submit my observation when I am back in service?

I got an error message “unable to register with those credentials” when I tried to register. Why can’t I register?

I have an question not answered above or in the app tutorial videos. What should I do?

I am experiencing a technical difficulty with the app that isn’t discussed above. How can I report it?

I have ideas for how Pika Patrol could be made even better!  Do you want to hear them?

Questions? Reach out to us at  staff@pikapartners.org

 Thank you for using the Pika Patrol App!


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